Sith Phongsouvanh

Colorist, Stylist

From a young age, Sith always had a passion for the arts. It was in High School she discovered her own talent and honed her skills through mixed media. Being heavily influenced by a family friend’s salon during her teenage years, Sith developed her craft. Sith graduated from Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in April 2016 and took a coveted position with Architeqt as an apprentice. Sith apprenticed directly under Pawel Jan. As an apprentice she received the continuing education necessary to shape and mold her into the stylist she is today. Sith has perfected Balayage techniques and Architeqt’s signature dry cutting methods.

Her passion and creativity is a strong force behind the Architeqt North team. Sith's dedication to making all her clients feel and look great is the perfect representation of this industry.