Alexey Kats

Co-Owner / Stylist

Over the last 20 years of his career, Alexey has worked in most areas of the industry. From Platform work, movies and photoshoots to runway shows and in salon education. After learning the dry cut method in the early 2000’s from John Sahag, Alexey saw a gap in quality tools for dry cutters so he decided to create his own line of scissors, haircutting capes and heat tools. Developing his own approach to the dry cut and sharing his methods through workshops, he believes that teaching makes one learn the craft better. Alexey has worked in some of the finest salons in the Philadelphia area and in 2012 decided to open his own Architeqt Salon and Gallery. The idea behind Architeqt North was to bring good hair to the Logan square and Fairmount neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Specializing in dry-cutting, balayage and editorial styling, Alexey can be found at Architeqt North on Thursdays and at Architeqt Salon and Gallery the rest of the week.