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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Every season I struggle to resist the urge to drastically change my hair, whether color or length, as I often feel the inexplicable desire to dramatically alter my appearance…It’s only fitting that’s it’s fall, right?

I recently stumbled across Jessica Simpson’s latest chop and wondered what all the fuss was for…After all, she probably only cut off about 4 inches? I suppose even that “small” change gave way to a “big” change from the looks of her pictures.
jessica simpson lob

I find this to be encouraging, as I myself have been growing my hair out for YEARS. Literally. One pixie cut led to 4 years of NO HAIRCUTS. Well, maybe the occasional reluctant trim. As someone who has PTSD from the periods of my pixie “grow out” stage, the thought of going any shorter brings back memories of nubby ponytails and bobby pin headaches. However, Ms. Simpson’s hair will probably grow significantly by next season, allowing her to resume much of her previous styling habits. Chopping a small yet significant amount of hair also has allowed her processed hair to “breathe” and she probably finds brushing and styling more manageable. Chic and polished, an above the shoulder style also exudes confidence and femininity while still allowing for a (small) ponytail for lazy days. Kate Mara and Jennifer Aniston are known to sport this cut with rich, golden balayage for an effortless sexy and cool look.
kate mara lob jennifer aniston lob

Looking at this style, I think many other long hair devotees may be able to sport the change without feeling “naked.”

jlo extensions

My affinity for loooonnnnggggg hair, besides stemming from my PPTSD(Pixie Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you can borrow it if you like), is something I cannot escape. I constantly want to be a Great Lengths model of one of our stylists to achieve the mane I wish I was born with…But I digress.
Since hot fusions extensions require a commitment I cannot give (I change every season, remember?), Hot Heads Hair Extensions might be another option. Clearly Jenny from da Block is naturally gorgeous, but that hair?REALLY? She may have had a bit of, help…
hotheads 4
Luckily for me, Hot Heads are applied in an hour and can be reused (double score), to achieve the voluminous and lengthy styles I dream about. These tape-in extensions do not damage the hair the way other forms of extensions do, and of course, are 100% human hair and can be colored and styled however you like.
hot heads 3

Whether you decide to go shorter or longer, there are options this season that don’t require any tears or haircut remorse. Who knows? Maybe next season you’ll be ready for that pixie 

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